Kitchens and Baths - Our Favorite and Most Intimate Places

We love our kitchens and our baths.  No two are ever the same.  When things get kaotic, as they can be, we seek comfort.  kitchens are as personal as our baths.  We show off our kitchens and we keep our baths to ourselves. The outdoor kitchen adds a cozy element and extends every home's living area.  Gatherings are even more precious now and we appreciated them more than ever.  Nothing is more comforting than an intimate private gathering in the kitchen, indoor or out. 

This gallery is filled with wonderful kitchens and baths. These are homes that people actually live in. These are real homes, for real families with busy lives and budgets.  These well designed kitchens and baths are smart, functional and mostly beautiful. 

I would love your thoughts.  Which one would fit your lifestyle perfectly?  Let me know.  


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