Virtual Real Estate Home Buying

3D Tour Example   Life is VIRTUAL - shopping for a home starts online. 

Zillow 3D Home™ is a free mobile app that allows homeowners and real estate professionals to capture 3D tours of homes  - with their iPhones. These 3D Homes are published and linked to a properties details page on Zillow.  This allows potential buyers and renters to explore and tour the home’s layout virtually.  This provides agents, sellers and property managers a powerful tool to market their listings online and at no additional cost.

Andrew Lassiter, Keen Eye Marketing, says: "Love it or hate it, Zillow is here to stay." He adds some important facts to consider as you develop your marketing strategy.

–       Zillow is a key platform for Agents to develop brand awareness in their market

–       Over 50% of visitors on Zillow and Truly are planning to buy or sell

–       Zillow is the largest real estate site with over 188 million monthly visitors

–       30% percent of the Zillow audience reports household incomes over $100K

We need to continue to be smart with our time, safety and finances.  Reaching potential clients is a visual and virtual game.  Professional photography  is powerful and important game changer, not to be underestimated. 

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