The Importance of Professional Real Estate Photos for Home Builders



Professional photos aren't just for Real Estate Agents! 

Other than walking a prospective client thru multiple model homes - there is no better way to show off your your talents.  If done properly, great imagery will reach many more people, in many more locations, and show them many more options than without.  A good website is nice - but without good photography of your construction  you will be at a disadvantage against your competitors. 

What does good photography do for you?

-Gives a sense of space to prospects.

-Helps buyers make choices.

-Helps buyers and prospects communicate their likes and dislikes.

-Helps you to communicate choices to clients. 

-Builds your credibility. 

-Establishes your identity

Good professional real estate photographs, such as these for 28 Bedford Circle, are a Builder's Internet Curb appeal.

Ask your clients! 





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