Professional Photos aren't Just for Realtors Any More...

Attention Builders, Designers, Decorators, and Contractors:  showcasing stunning imagery of your completed projects is a viable sales technique.  A professional photo of one of your stunning projects is the least expensive sales force tactic available to you.  Nothing inspires a prospective client more than beautiful photos of your work!  

Professional Photos are your curb appeal! They substantiate your credibility and create excitement to the prospective client.  Professional photos of your projects show off your creativity and style.  However, a cell phone snapshot photo that is of low resolution, with slanted stairs and distorted columns, where rooms look small and boxy, granite and marble look flat and grainy, is distracting and uninviting.  For example, distorted lines make the viewer ask questions - and not good ones either. Check out this gallery of distortion examples and put yourself in the viewer's position - a picture is worth a 1000 words - Check out these examples, would you hire this person? click here...for examples of distortion photos.  

Take a peek into my BEFORE and AFTER GALLERY. This GALLERY is filled with examples and comparisons of BEFORE photos that weren't getting looks - VS - my AFTER professional photos that got clients and contracts. (I am happy to say every home was sold immediately). 

Professional Photos aren't just for luxury real estate any more.  Professional photos of projects are just as important for Builders, Designers, Decorators, and Contractors as they are for listing homes!  

I love, love, love to work with Builders, Designers, Decorators and Contractors.  It's a pleasure to watch your businesses grow.  

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Professional photos aren't just for Realtors any more. I'm excited just thinking about it!