April, 2022 SIDELINES MAGAZINE: Eventers Doug and Jess Payne

April, 2022 Edition of SIDELINES MAGAZINE is blooming with featured equestrian stories and photographs.

"DOUG and JESS PAYNE:  From Olympics to Family, Finding The Perfect Balance. A very impressive and well written story by Kimberly Gotto, with Portraits by Pam Jensen (www.PamJensenPhotography.com)  Jess says: "maintaining the right balance seems to be a key to success."   A beautiful statement we all can relate to.  If you spend anytime with them, you will agree, they are masterful at accomplishing balance.  Kimberly states:  "They successfully juggle the hectic demands of competitive equestrian life while parenting son Hudson, 4 and daughter Abigail, 2."   Their partnership is truly awe-inspiring as they attribute and credit their success to each other.  Check it out - LINK TO STORY HERE! 




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