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Distortion Examples and Listing Bloopers

Distortion Examples and Listing Bloopers

A good real estate photo keeps the viewer’s attention. Photos are a property's online "Internet Curb Appeal." We first want to create a mood that is inviting and pleasant, to entice the viewer into the home, enough that the viewer will personally want to come tour the home.

In real estate photography, use lovely leading lines to guide the potential buyer into and thru the home comfortably. Distorted and unorganized lines turn people away and make them feel uneasy. The photos in a listing should read like a book, organized and poetic, telling a story about the home.

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NOT MY PHOTOS - these are not my photos. These are photos from random internet sites. I make no representations in regards to these properties. These photos are simply random examples which I found on the internet. Their purpose is simply to show the distortion which can occur in photography. They also serve as an example photos that can result in harming a listing.