Aimee Bonnell and Jessica Haywood of the "Pickle This" team, joined fellow professional pickleball players from North Carolina for a thrilling and enjoyable upper level competition held at O.T. Sloan Park in Sanford, NC on October 6th, 2023.
Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--2Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--3Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--4Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--5Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--6Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--7Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--8Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--9Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--10Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--11Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--12Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--13Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--14Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--15Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--16Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--17Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--18Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--19Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--20Pickle This! Pro-Pickleball--21

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